VIVID LIVING - Building a healthier Hong Kong

Vivid Living's founder came to The Joinery with a passionate business plan for a property development company creating living and working spaces that put personal well-being and sustainability as the integral components of their properties. They needed a name, brand identity and communications tools to express this vision to potential investors, collaborators and clients.


Market research & Consumer insights
Brand positioning, mission, values & story
Logo & identity
Copy writing
Website creative direction


Knowing that concepts around well being and sustainability are fraught with different interpretations in the marketplace, we needed to delve into studying these issues on a deeper level – as they related to consumer perceptions and potential competitors in both the property and hospitality sectors. Vivid also needed to understand the opportunity areas specifically in Hong Kong and China, who were potential clients and what their needs and perceptions were around green living and property investment. We conducted interviews with a wide range of voices to define the consumer profile in Hong Kong and also draw upon expert perspectives.


The logo designed for Vivid Living is a visual articulation of the word itself – the uplifting, hand-drawn lettering meets the brand personality: vibrant, smart, active, healthy, inspirational. Along with the logo, we developed a language around how Vivid Living approaches creating a healthy home with the 'healthy home blueprint.' This was a communications tool for potential clients to understand where Vivid Living can really make a difference in the space – often the most robust features are not visible and we had to find a way to share these possibilities.


Vivid Living continues to grow its property portfolio in Hong Kong and has now expanded into applying a similar framework and methodology to work spaces. Vivid Living's press coverage can be found in The Wall Street Journal, Home Journal, and it has been featured on Bloomberg and TVB.  One of its residential properties has been awarded 'Best in Category - Green / Sustainable Design' from Architecture & Design Awards Asia-Pacific.

We are happy to have brought a brand to life that tackles the challenging issues of sustainability and wellness in a city where their impact on lifestyle are often ignored.